The Code of Conduct Policy encompasses all employees, professional staff, faculty, volunteers, students and vendors during all interactions with others in-person, by telephone, email and any other forms of communication


In keeping with the Mission, Vision and Values in Action, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre has created a values-based Code of Conduct to set the standards for respect of the individual.

This policy is intended to complement existing reporting processes and enhance individuals’ ability to behave appropriately and manage conflict in healthy ways. To achieve these goals, each individual is obligated to work by the principles of the Code of Conduct every day.


This policy was issued to:

  • support a safe and healthy environment for all encompassed within the policy as well as the patients and families entrusted to our care
  • create and support a safe and respectful workplace
  • ensure the needs and safety of the patient is top priority
  • enhance employee, volunteer and student engagement and teamwork/collaboration
  • improve workplace satisfaction and morale


  1. All employees, professional staff, faculty, volunteers, students and vendors at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre shall acknowledge and understand they are accountable to and shall exhibit the behaviours set out in the values-based Code of Conduct.
  2. Employees, professional staff, faculty, volunteers, students and vendors are obligated to report significant violations of the Code of Conduct and/or related policies.
  3. The observance of the Code of Conduct constitutes a condition of employment, privileges or contracts for all employees, professional staff, faculty, volunteers, students and vendors of the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre and failure to observe the policy may result in corrective action including discipline, conditions or termination.

RVH embraces a culture in which all employees, professional staff, faculty, volunteers, students and vendors, work together, respect all, think big, own it and care. A positive, respectful workplace can only be achieve by setting high standards of behaviour and clear expectations to help guide our relationships with our patients and their families – and each other. Our Code of Conduct is entrenched in our values in action.



I value the power of teamwork and contributions of others, ensuring patients and their families are partners in their care.
This means:

  • I share what I learn
  • I give supportive and constructive feedback
  • I ask for and offer help
  • I promote a positive and inclusive work environment


I treat everyone with respect and dignity, recognizing the unique needs of others, valuing diversity and protecting privacy.

This means:

  • I listen, stay focused and respect all perspectives
  • I am consistently polite and friendly
  • I am honest and transparent
  • I acknowledge people and introduce myself


I continually seek a better way through a culture of inquiry, innovation and enthusiasm to promote better outcomes, better knowledge, and better health.

This means:

  • I find creative solutions to challenges
  • I learn from mistakes and share opportunities for improvement
  • I keep an open mind and consider suggestions
  • I celebrate success


I take responsibility for my decisions, actions and the impact they have on others, while committing to the highest level of excellence through outstanding service, safety and quality.

This means:

  • I arrive on time, prepared to work and ensure my ID badge is visible
  • I do what I say I will do and document as required
  • I work within my full scope of practice; following policies, procedures and best practices
  • I communicate in a manner that my message is understood


I inspire hope and trust, while treating everyone with compassion, patience and empathy. I have passion for our work and the difference we make in the lives of our patients.     

This means:

  • I help make our workplace safe for everyone
  • I practice proper hand hygiene
  • I ensure that people are given the assistance they need to get to their destination
  • I address the needs of others