What is an Observer?

An observer is an individual who will “Shadow” a healthcare professional for anywhere between one day to eight weeks. The observer does not have to be a medical student, but must show some interest in pursuing training in the healthcare field. During the observership placement, the individual must not have any patient contact and cannot be directly involved with patient care. The observer is not covered by any insurance ( malpractice, WSIB). Observership placement at Royal Victoria Regional Health Center are not part of any curriculum. The observer will not receive an evaluation at the end of a placement.

Please note that it is the observer’s responsibility to connect with and secure a preceptor in advance of applying for an Observership. If interested in completing an Observership at RVH please fill out the following form: https://redcap.link/observership

If you have any questions please reach out to medicaleducation@rvh.on.ca

 705 728 9090

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