RVH My Care

Make each life better. Together.

Patients and their Families are at the centre of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s Strategic Plan. It is a plan rooted in the belief that every patient will have the best possible experience in our health centre. It is a philosophy we call “MY CARE” and it’s this Focus on patients and their Families which drives our entire plan.


Work Together Respect All Think Big Own it Care

Focus on MY CARE

  • With patients and families as partners, develop and implement our MY CARE philosophy where patients are at the centre of all we do and are informed and engaged in planning and decision-making.
  • Smooth transitions for quality, timely care in the right setting.
  • Support early planning for appropriate and compassionate end-of-life care.
  • Ensure integrated, continuity of care for patients with chronic disease.
  • Improve access, education and engagement of patients and families through technology

Drive Clinical Excellence

  • Exceed all safety measures.
  • Implement previously-approved regional plans for: advanced cardiac, child and youth inpatient mental health and gynecology cancer services.
  • n partnership, establish a new regional clinical strategic plan.
  • Collaborate on the development of an ambulatory care strategy to contribute to a quality and sustainable health system.
  • Optimize technology to enhance coordinated, safe care and timely, accurate clinical information.

Value People

  • Recognize and support our staff, physicians, volunteers and students in achieving their best while sustaining a culture of respect and trust.
  • Be a healthy workplace to increase engagement and promote work/life balance.
  • Be an organization with a strong commitment to learning and personal development that supports innovation and creativity..

Accelerate Teaching & Research

  • Create a comprehensive vision for teaching and research that strengthens our new clinical strategic plan.
  • Pursue purposeful partnerships to advance our teaching and research mission.
  • Build on our unique strengths and expertise to provide the highest standards in teaching and training for future generations.


Performance & Quality Technology Communication

What is MY CARE?

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre will ensure your CARE is the best, safest and centred on you. Our MY CARE philosophy means we will THINK BIG and exceed your expectations. We will treat you and your loved ones with courtesy, dignity and RESPECT, while being responsive to your unique circumstances and cultural needs. We want you to be a partner in your care. We will listen carefully to you and keep you informed about your condition and treatment so, together, we can make the best decisions. We will WORK TOGETHER to coordinate your care — inside and outside our Facility — and we will OWN our decisions and behaviours. Our unwavering Focus on you will enable us to Make each life better. Together.